Criminal and Municipal Law

There is nothing more frightening and disconcerting than being charged with any type of criminal, quasi-criminal, or municipal charges. If you are under investigation for criminal activity or have been arrested and charged with a crime in NJ and NY, you need to obtain legal representation from a skilled lawyer.  A talented criminal attorney is going to provide you with the best opportunity to avoid a conviction as well as minimize penalties. 

SALNY REDBORD AND RINALDI possesses over 40 years of experience,  The lawyers on our staff have successfully represented countless individuals on indictable criminal charges at the Superior Court level in  NJ and the Supreme Court level in NY, as well as on Municipal Court charges, including disorderly persons offenses and DWI. We have the qualifications necessary to insure that you reach a favorable outcome in your case. For a free immediate consultation anytime 24/7, contact our Office at 973-584-1520.

We are highly knowledgeable in defending a wide range of charges including traffic violations, record expungement, drug charges, white collar crime, juvenile crime, traffic violations, assaults, theft, fraud and more. 

Selecting the right criminal defense lawyer to represent you is a critical decision. Timeliness is also a important factor since mistakes tend to be common when someone is working without a skilled advocate.  You should also know that even if it is too late to avoid an offense, swift action to retain counsel insures that your lawyer can preserve evidence and has adequate time to formulate and present a persuasive defense. It is certainly in your best interests to contact our law firm given these considerations. 

The attorneys have been representing individuals accused of criminal and traffic offenses throughout  New Jersey and New York for decades including:

- Expungement of Criminal Records

· Driving while intoxicated and impaired

·  Drug offenes and crimes

· Theft and Trespassing

· Domestic Violence and Matters

· Assault and Threat Crimes

· Traffic and Municipal Court Matters

· Juvenile Offenses