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SALNY REDBORD AND RINALDI can meet a wide variety of legal needs, from initial incorporation to sale,  to complex real estate matters,  to business succession. We work with businesses at all different stages of growth and development. 

Our firm serves as general counsel for smaller companies, and local counsel for national companies with interests in New Jersey and New York,  and as trial attorneys representing any company involved in a dispute.  

Helping your Business through every stage of Its life, whether you are in the planning stages and trying to get your business off the ground or your company has been well-established for years, SALNY REDBORD AND RINALDI, can help you resolve any complex legal issue you may be facing

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For all types of businesses, including Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and Corporations, we offer services such as: Forming a business,  including figuring out which type of entity to incorporate under tax planning and ensuring regulatory compliance, drafting Partnership Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, and Operating Agreements, representing your business in all types of litigation, including Trademark and Copyright litigation, employment law disputes, and handling corporate law matters and disputes, as well as representing your business in bankruptcy or helping you responsibly dissolve and close your business and business financing matters, including restructuring, tax planning and building capital.