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Salny Redbord and Rinaldi

Serving the Community since 1932


Established by Harvard Law graduate Milford Salny, Esq. in 1932.  

Known as one of the brightest attorneys of his generation,  Milford Salny set the bar for professionalism and strong character traits, which remains the hallmark of the practice of law to this day. 

The Law


"Law is nothing else but the best reason of wise men applied for ages to the transactions and business of mankind."                     - Abraham Lincoln 

The Lawyers


Glenn Redbord, Esq.  and Alexander Rinaldi, Esq.  are trained professionals and well known attorneys not only in the local community, but also globally known inside and outside the country and  throughout the business and legal world. 

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About Us


Glenn L. Redbord, Esq.

 Partner - Business Law, Real Estate, Entertainment Law, and Trusts and Estates. 


The Law and Society

 "The glory of justice and the majesty of law are created not just by the Constitution - nor by the courts - nor by the officers of the law - nor by the lawyers - but by the men and women who constitute our society - who are the protectors of the law as they are themselves protected by the law." -Robert F. Kennedy 


Alexander J. Rinaldi, Esq.

 Partner- Personal Injury Lawyer, Bankruptcy Lawyer,  Entertainment & Sports Law,  Real Estate, Criminal, Matrimonial, Foreclosures, Wills and Estates, and Business Law.

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Salny Redbord and Rinaldi

Personal Injury Law


We Have Recovered Millions of Dollars for Our Clients. 

If you or a family member has suffered a serious or fatal injury in NJ and NY, please contact us for a free consultation. Our satisfied clients get the fair and just compensation they deserve. 

SALNY REDBORD AND RINALDI  has spent more than four decades fighting for justice on behalf of injury victims and their families. We understand how difficult it is to deal with physical, emotional and financial issues in the wake of a serious or fatal injury and the impact it has on a victim and their family. We are  experienced personal injury professionals with a well-earned reputation for providing diligent, caring, aggressive and high quality representation to our clients. personal injury lawyer bankruptcy attorney attorneys at law Succasunna

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Business Law


SALNY REDBORD AND RINALDI can meet a wide variety of legal needs, from initial incorporation to sale,  to complex real estate matters,  to business succession. We work with businesses at all different stages of growth and development. 

Our firm serves as general counsel for smaller companies, and local counsel for national companies with interests in New Jersey and New York,  and as trial attorneys representing any company involved in a dispute.  

Helping your Business through every stage of Its life, whether you are in the planning stages and trying to get your business off the ground or your company has been well-established for years, SALNY REDBORD AND RINALDI, can help you resolve any complex legal issue you may be facing. 

personal injury lawyer bankruptcy attorney attorneys at law Succasunna

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Bankruptcy Law


Filing for bankruptcy is never an easy decision, often times it is quite difficult,  but you do not need to make this decision alone.  As a Law Firm that  has practiced bankruptcy law for over 40 years, we understand the heavy burden of debt that you are facing and I am committed to providing you with the relief that comes with a future free from debt. We promise to take the time to personally review all of your debts and assets with you in order to create an effective solution tailored to your own particular needs.  We will handle all of the details of your bankruptcy case, answer all of your questions, and address all of your concerns. It is our mission to help you move past your financial turmoil and into a situation where you are able to receive a fresh start at life, and put this unfortunate past behind you.

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Wills and Estates


A New  Jersey and New York Will is a document that determines where your assets will go upon your death, and who will be responsible to administer your wishes and directions. It is a legal document with much importance, as the person is provided the ability to make decisions based on his/her preferences which family members, children and others will receive assets or property from his/her estate upon death. Contacting our Law Firm to draft your will allows you to avoid intestacy and ensure that the people of your choosing are accounted for when you are no longer around. Our lawyers can also determine which type of Will is best for your Estate depending on the amount of the assets in your estate and the complexity of your wishes and intentions. personal injury lawyer bankruptcy attorney attorneys at law Succasunna

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Matrimonial Law



If you are facing divorce, you likely have many questions and fears about the future. That is understandable. The thought of dividing one shared life into two separate lives is likely to be overwhelming and unpleasant. Practical concerns like where you will live and how you will care for your children can often be be fraught with anxiety.

At such a time, you want a lawyer who takes your side, understands the issues involved and guides you forward so you can face the future with confidence. At the Law Office of SALNY REDBORD AND RINALDI, we provide responsive and proactive representation that takes your concerns and unique family dynamics into account. personal injury lawyer bankruptcy attorney attorneys at law Succasunna

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Criminal and Municipal Law


There is nothing more frightening and disconcerting than being charged with any type of criminal or municipal charges. If you are under investigation for criminal activity or have been arrested and charged with a crime in NJ and NY, you need to obtain legal representation from a skilled lawyer.  A talented criminal attorney is going to provide you with the best opportunity to avoid a conviction as well as minimize penalties, PLUS expunging old charges and arrests on your record that may prevent one from securing employment.

SALNY REDBORD AND RINALDI possesses over 40 years of experience,  The lawyers on our staff have successfully represented countless individuals on indictable criminal charges at the Superior Court level in  NJ and the Supreme Court level in NY, as well as on Municipal Court charges, including disorderly persons offenses and DWI. personal injury lawyer bankruptcy attorney attorneys at law Succasunna

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Flexible Appointment Hours and Times and Free Consultations

We appreciate our clients.
Please feel free to visit us during normal business hours. personal injury lawyer bankruptcy attorney attorneys at law Succasunna

Salny Redbord and Rinaldi

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